Breaking Free from Society’s Discouragement


Rachel Elery

March 21, 2024

Somehow in this country we have created a societal standard that discourages when people treat themselves or their bodies well.

If you order a salad at a restaurant, you think you’re better than everyone else or maybe you have an eating disorder.

If you don’t drink with everyone else, you’re not fun and stop getting invited to hang out with your peers.

If you exercise on vacation, “c’mon loosen up and relax”.

If you go to therapy, eyes roll.

If you post a nice picture of yourself that makes you feel good, you’re too into yourself.

When you go against the grain, it makes people uncomfortable.

Most often, it’s because they wish they could too.

So instead of celebrating you, they chop you down to your face or worse, behind your back, because they have so much pain wrapped around who they are and how they live that they project that out onto you.

But I can assure you, your efforts towards building a better life for yourself have nothing to do with other peoples insecurities.

Keep choosing YOU.

Keep taking care of YOU.

And if the people around you don’t support who you are or the positive things you’re doing for yourself, it might be time to find people who do.



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